Home for the Holidays

Author: darkqueenakasha
Rating: PG - 13
Word Count: 1,607
Characters: Mylar, Peter/a surprise
Summary: The lovers have a fight on Christmas Eve
Warning: Fluff, some language, sexual dialogue, crackiness, and proofread somewhat.
Disclaimer: Heroes is not mine, blah blah
A/N: I shipped Pete with this guy because he gets no play, lol.
Prompt: mylar_fic's Holiday Contest ‘Home for the Holidays’

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TV Stars We'd Like To See On The Big Screen

TV Stars We'd Like To See On The Big Screen

Television. It's a compelling medium in itself - but also frequently acts as a launching pad for actors chasing big screen dreams. To think that full-fledged movie stars like Tom Hanks, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, and Katherine Heigl all got their big breaks on television shows. So, who should the next TV-turned-movie star be? Here's our Top 10 List to get you thinking.

Sendhil Ramamurthy3. Sendhil Ramamurthy. His role as Dr. Mohinder Suresh on NBC's Heroes showcases dramatic abilities that would translate easily to film projects. Ramamurthy juggles entertaining action with a nuanced delivery (subtle facial expressions that convey what a page's worth of dialogue could not). Besides the fact that his good looks and charisma play beautifully in front of the camera, his Heroes performance proves he is genuinely interesting to watch- he infuses his portrayal of a driven intellectual with a unique sensitivity. We're just itching to see Ramamurthy flex his acting muscles in other equally dynamic roles on the big screen.


Glee - Blaine eyelashes
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The Bells of Illusion, Mobriel/Mylar, for mmm_brainz

Title: The Bells of Illusion
Author: evil_is_pretty
Prompt: Written for mmm_brainz for the heroes_xmas challenge to the song Carol of the Bells
Pairing: Mylar/Mobriel
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Can they believe?
A/N: As always a very special thanks to my betas, forsquilis and sinister. Happy Holidays to all!

I call the Living--I mourn the Dead-- I break the Lightning.
- inscribed on the Great Bell of the Minister of Schaffhausen

"This isn't real, you know."
Katherine Pierce.

Oh, my Mohinder!

I'm sure everyone knows about Monday's episode and the reaction by fandom in general. So, in light of that I'd written a lengthy piece detailing and defending Mohinder's actions. I wanted to approach the subject by looking outside the box and from the perspective of Mohinder's psyche, what he's gone through and been going through. I tried to be unbiased as possible (though being a Mohinder fan it's hard to not see things from where he stands), and focused on the parallels between him, his moral dilemma and trust issues all throughout this season, especially between him and Bennet and the Company. Because I think Mohinder needs some love right now.

I also discussed further into the overall episode in my review for "Cautionary Tales", in case anyone wanted to take a look.